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School Bus & Children


Op-Ed Articles:
Understanding college persistence for First-generation college students living through COVID-19
Teacher burnout and natural disasters: A warning to our schools, By Cassandra R. Davis, Sarah Canon, & Rex Long | September 28, 2022
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Because hurricanes aren't going away any time soon and schools must continue to function, By Cassandra R. Davis | January 28, 2020
Events & Appearances: 

"Florida students return to class three weeks after Hurricane Ian's landfall." NBC, 10/17/2022.

"The unequal toll of climate disasters."  AXIOS, 9/21/ 2022

"Students are learning well again. But full recovery? That's a long way off." New York Times, 7/19/2022. 


"Preparing for extreme weather is a community concern. Here's how to be ready." Vox, 7/8/2022. 

COVID-19 Learning Loss.” PBS North Carolina – ncIMPACT, television appearance, 2/11/2022. 


A month after Hurricane Ida, thousands of kids have yet to return to school.” All Things Considered, Podcast, 10/4/2021. 


Back to school during a global pandemic.” Disrupted, Podcast, 9/8/2021. 

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"Remote learning and parental mental health", Interview with Keith Heumiller
"Facing COVID-19 at School", Invited guest panel
The class of COVID-19: Lessons of today and learning for tomorrow, Interview with Cindy Waxer
How is COVID-19 hitting first generation college students? Interview on WUNC The State of Things
HBCUs across NC have prepped for the fall semester. Is COVID-19 showing up for class? Interview with Martha Quillin
Evidence-based guidance for how schools can respond to a national mental health crisis in the wake of COVID-19, Invited Panel Guest 
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Calculating COVID-19's educational costs, Interview with Dr. Davis
Unity in Disasters: Schools, Planners, and Natural Hazards, Interview with Dr. Davis
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