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My research portfolio speaks to the following four major pillars, (1) assessing disruption, (2) improving preparedness, (3) improving recovery, and (4) engaging policy. It is through my research, teaching, and presenting, where I can address these categories.

The following image represents my active and most significant research projects: 

Peer Reviewed Articles:


Davis, C.R. (forthcoming). The destructive long-term impact of natural disasters on Black and Brown schooling communities. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education.


Davis, C.R., Cannon, S.R., & Fuller, S.C. (2021). The storm after the storm: The long-term lingering impacts of hurricanes on schools. Disaster Prevention and Management.


Davis, C.R., Grooms, J., Ortega, A., Rubalcaba, J. (2020). Distance learning and parental mental health: Educational Researcher.*

Griffard, M., Davis, C.R., Fuller, S.C., & Bortot, C.C. (2020). What can educators expect when students return to school? AASA Journal of Scholarship & Practice, 77(9), 28-29. 

Cannon, C., Davis, C.R., & Fuller, S.C. (2020). Preparing for the next disaster: Understanding how hurricanes affect educators & schooling. AASA Journal of Scholarship & Practice.

Davis, C.R. (2017). Tracing the mobilization efforts of Freedmen and fearful Whites for “equal” schooling. Negro Education Review, 68(1-4), 6-29.

Davis, C.R. (2017). “Why are the Black kids always being suspended?” An examination of a school district's attempt to reform a faulty suspensions policy through community conversations. The School Community Journal, 27(1), 159-180.

*Each author contributed equally

Lessons Learned? Helping Students and School Personnel Recover from Disaster | Research Counts, June 2019
On the road to routine : Disruption and recovery after hurricanes | Research Counts, June 2019
Research Products:
Below, I've included policy briefs and research summaries on my latest research products related to environmental disruptions in schooling communities. These resources are free to the public. If you have any questions about the content, research, or are interested in conducting a similar study in your area, feel free to email me and I will be happy to answer your questions. 
Latest Reports 


Davis, C.R,, Fuller, S.C., Griffard, M.K.R., & Bortot, C.K.C. (2021). Assessing student attendance, behavior & recovery following a hurricane. Chapel Hill, NC: Education Policy Initiative at Carolina. 


Fuller, S.F. & Davis, C.R. (2021). Academic progress for student following a hurricane. Chapel Hill, NC: Education Policy Initiative at Carolina.


Davis, C.R,, Griffard, M.K.R., Bortot, C.K.C., & Fuller, S.C. (2021). The roles of schools as sites for recovery. Chapel Hill, Education Policy Initiative at Carolina.

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